What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated oils from plants, leaves, flowers, peels barks and other properties of a plant. The oils protect them from diseases, infections and viruses. Some of essential oils properties includes antifungal agent, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, stimulant, antispasmodic, decongestant, anesthetic, sedative and disinfectant.
How are these oils extracted?
These oils are extracted through a distillation (usually steam) and expression (cold press).

How do I use essential oils?

Essential oils are very versatile. Always check warning labels before usage to make sure they are used appropriately; Some Essential Oils are dangerous if taken orally and some causes skin irritation while other are safe all around.
Listed are a few ways to use essential oils:

  • Mix essential oils to create a unique blend.
  • Add to a bath
  • Drop into a oil burner or oil diffuser
  • Rub into palms and inhale
  • Add to cooking (we do not recommend using HOS (Health Oil Society) essential oils internally.
  • Put on skin as a fragrance
  • Add to shampoo or lotion for scent

Here are a few of the many benefits to our 6 essential oil set:

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