Layered and soaked with secrecies, love potions have always been sprinkled throughout the centuries of the human history. Nevertheless, in present times, most of myths have been invalidated and stirred aside; we have effectually discovered that what essentially works. And here is one of most seductive recipe, which had always mesmerized and will keep on mesmerizing, which is “Cleopatra’s Love Elixir”

A spicy-sweet blend of mandarin orange, lemon, cardamom, sandalwood and other fragrant essential oils perfect for setting the mood. This can be prepared in a base of perfumer’s alcohol. If you want to use it as body oil, then cut the recipe to only 15% of what is listed below, or divide each of the ingredients by 6. This is for a 1-ounce bottle at a 15% solution, an eau de parfum strength.

* Blood Orange- 50 drops
Blood orange is a sedative, which relieve the tension and nervousness. It’s used for rejuvenating the body to feel the pleasure.

* Lemon- 25 drops
Lemon oil is immensely soothing and calming, which enlivens the concentration by creating a encouraging mindset and fade away the sad emotions. Lemon essential oils helps in increasing strength and potency. It is often used to amplify the efficiency

* Opoponax- 13 drops
It is known for comforting properties. It diminishes all the worries.

* -Jasmine Sambac- 18 drops
Jasmine is known as aphrodisiac oil as it got a very powerful stimulating effect on human senses. The floret has been extensively used in the art of seduction. It helps you feel complete, warming, and attractive. This oil enlighten your sexual desires and may make you high.

* Ylang Ylang- 7 drops
This essential oil is almost analogous to the jasmine. It is striking and has a very saccharine floriated fragrance that satiates you up with pleasure. The oil is said to vitalities and upsurge allure between partners. Just a tiny drop of ylang-ylang oil in a cotton bud near your bed is adequate to feel enchanted in the bedroom.

* Rose Absolute- 13 drops
“Aphrodite- the goddess of love and erotica”, kept her love den ornamented with rose petals. Even Cleopatra, the Egyptian beauty used rose petals in her bathtub. Rose essential oil is believed to appease the senses and curtail the nervousness associated with sex. It makes a connection between a body and a soul.

* Blue Lotus- 5 drops
In Ancient Egypt, blue lotus was an emblem of seductiveness and was believed to promote sexual craving, elation, and trance. In present, it keeps the similar properties, which helps in mounting sexual desire.

* Myrtle- 11 drops
Myrtle essential oil accelerates the course of healing, and shields ulcers against emerging added severe toxicities. Moreover, it strengthens gums and muscles, stops hemorrhaging, reduces body odor, heals cough & cold, soothes irritations, and relaxes nervous ailments.

* Cinnamon- 8 drops
It is a nourishing mind refresher and also resolves the breathing problems, skin toxicities, blood impurity, blood circulation problems, ache relief, birth control, menstruation problems, breastfeeding, heart disorders, diabetes, colon cancer, indigestion, and as a relief for bad breath.

* Vanilla- 12 drops
It is used to defuse the effects of open radicals and t repairs damages caused by oxidation, while enhancing the libido and stimulating sexual encouragement. In addition to that, it hinders the growth of malignant cells, diminishes fever, fights sadness and elevates the mood. Furthermore, it also fosters the sleep, and lessens the strain and apprehension.

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