Fight the Flu with Essential Oils

One of the worst feelings there is to have when you are sick are flu symptoms. The flu comes and it makes its presence known no matter who you are. There are a wealth of different symptoms that come along with the flu such as congestion, sore throat, lower pain, and runny noses.

The first instinct you have may be to go find medicine to combat the disease, but surprisingly not many people know that essential oils may all be what you need to rid you of those ailments. When you have a cold or flu, you may have heard in your lifetime certain homemade remedies that have been known to work over modern medicine. There are plenty of countries and places in the world that still believe in this treatment today. Making a beverage made of nothing but water and ginger can be all you need, or sometimes it is a little more. The point is, these essential oils are combined together in a way that helps destroy those germs and bacteria and get you feeling better in no time. You are more than welcome to still use other types of medicines, but nothing will beat the healing agents of natural chemicals and ingredients.

The next time you have a sore throat, try mixing a glass of warm water with about 1-2 drops of ginger, 1-2 drops of lemongrass, and 2-3 drops of honey. Honey has always been known as an incredible healing agent, and when combined with these other ingredients the healing effects can be even greater. There are all sorts of recipes that can be made using ingredients such as these; you just have to find the one that works for you. These are recipes that your grandmother or grandfather may even know that they took as a kid when they had the flu and dealt with congestion or a sore throat. Taking over the counter medicines do not work for everyone and sometimes you need something a bit more natural to help counteract the effects.

Essential oils have been around since before we all were born and have been used for everything, from broken bones to more serious diseases. If you really want to feel better and want to do so without ever stepping foot outside your house, try some of these remedies. You have nothing to lose by trying them, but could have a lot of energy to gain in return.

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