100% Therapeutic Essential oils as it’s highest quality, has to be pure, undiluted, unadulterated and ideally harvested organically and cultivated in the most optimal conditions. Like grapes for wine, the conditions such as quality of soil, weather and time to harvest click on this link plays a vital role in the desired quality of essential oils concentration and chemical composition.

There are different ways to extract the oils from plants, depending of the type of plant material, each process may vary. A common practice is distillation (steam).

Steam Distillation

One of the most common extractions is the steam distillation process. The method includes, packing the fresh or dry plant material into the still chamber. A heat source steam the water. Steam rises, breaking the plants tissue and pulls out the oils. Then the vapor goes into a cooling system which cools the steam separating the water from the steam and the essential oil. Naturally, essential oil is lighter causing it to float while the water sinks.

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