Lavender Oil 3 minute read by Angela Thach

It’s hard to believe in anything that works until I see proof. My proof came one day during a business/vacation. After an eight-hour conference, I walked back to my hotel. Halfway to the hotel, I decided to take off my heels. Good decision disguised in a bad package. My bare foot stepped on a burning cigarette butt. Walking back was a pain. Lucky for me, I had purchased an essential oil kit recently and had brought it with intentions for the aroma. I Google, sunburn essential oils and found that lavender helped with sunburns. Sunburns are usually second-degree burns and since cigarette burns are considered second degree, it was logical to use a similar Google search.
If you’ve ever had a burn, you know how painful and how long it lasts.
The next morning, I put on my heels and walked to the conference, that’s when I realized; there was no more pain. There weren’t even any signs of a burn. No scars, no wound, no pain. Ok. Enough about my story, here’s information on what is probably the most used essential oil, lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia).

Lavender is known to be analgesic (painkiller), anti-inflammatory (reduce swelling/inflammation), antiseptic (reduce chances of infection), antifungal (treats fungal).

Minor Cuts, Bug Bites and Fresh Scars: rub lavender oil topically on the infected area. Use until the affected area is healed. You should see the healing progress. If the affected area is not getting better or it’s getting worse, stop using it and seek medical help. Using lavender on affected areas topically should usually work but there’s a chance it may not work for you. Use 1-2 drops to cover the affected skin.

Reduce Oily skin: Apart of your nightly regime could include lavender oil to reduce oily skin. Adding lavender oil to your face lotion is a great way to dilute and spread the lavender oil evenly over the entire face. I use Cerave face lotion because it helps repair and restore your skin’s natural protective barrier. Non-comedogenic, non-irritating and I have eczema, sensitive skin. I’m not an affiliate, nor am I making any money by mentioning Cerave. This is just my personal preference.
Use 2-3 drops, it’s enough to help reduce oily skin but experiment to see what works for you.

Ears, mouth and nose.

Ear Infections is a bacteria or viral inflammatory infection affecting the middle of the ear. First, NEVER DROP ESSENTIAL OIL DIRECTLY INTO THE EAR CANAL!
Used 2-3 drops of lavender oil onto a q-tip and rub into the ear. To dilute, use fractioned oil or water. Continue this method every hour until the infection subsides.

Chapped lips need moisture and lavender oil is an easy way to alleviate the pain while moisturizing your lips. Be careful not to rub it too close to the inside of your lips, it taste gross. If you accidently get it in your mouth, it’s not enough to be harmful. Rinse your mouth with water, if this is an issue. Use 1-2 drop topically.

Nose irritation. Whether it’s a sneeze that just won’t stop or a bloody nose, lavender oil may help. Use a q-tip to rub the oil around the rim of your nose and a little on the inside. As with nosebleeds, put on a tissue paper with ice and lavender oil on the base of your nose. Lavender oil can be placed on the skin but if there’s signs of irritation, add fractionated or carrier oil or water to dilute. Use 1-2 drops. If the problem doesn’t go away, continue this method several times, it should work.

People considered this to calm the mind, help aid sleeping 4-5 drops on pillow near where your nose is placed. Headache – rub onto temple, back of neck and bottom of feet. Experiment since everyone is different. Use in moderation its safe.

For an itchy head, apply lavender oil to a damp scalp and rub in. You can also add 15-20 drops per 10oz. of oil to your shampoo.

There are so many benefits to lavender oil. Here is a short list of extra uses:

Sunburn: Mix Lavender oil with aloe vera. I fine that using aloe vera alone works just fine but to increase healing, adding lavender oil speeds up the process. Use a few drops 2-3 drops for every tablespoon of aloe vera rubbed onto the sunburn.

Moth: Replace those stinky mothballs with lavender oil. Put a few drops, 4-5 drop of lavender oil onto a cotton ball and leave them in your closet to deter moths.

Headache: Add topically to your temple, back of your head, on your forehead. Then add to your palm, cup your hands and inhale the lavender oil scent.

Menstrual Cramps: Massage the lavender oil around the pubic hair and around the cramped area. Applying a hot compress can alleviate some pain. If you know you’re period is coming soon, add the lavender oil before cramping starts to help ease the coming pain.

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