Thieves Essential Oil is an exceptional composite of essential oils, which are prepared to boost the immune power of the body. It is specifically consumed during winter period as herbal remedy against fevers, cold, body aches and other health issues.

Historical origins of the Thieves oil
The story of four thieves oil has originated through the historical era of the 15th century, which is also being known as the phase of “Black Death”. During this dreadful time, masses of people started losing their lives due to the infection spread by the transmittable bubonic plague. Bubonic plague was alleged as a curse, which was spreading continuously through Asia and Europe. The economy had collapsed, due to all the deaths from the widespread plague at this time; four notorious thieves randomly started robbing the belongings of those dead bodies, which were victimized by the contagious disease. Disconcertingly, this immensely vulnerable plaque never infected these thieves. It was alarming for everyone, as it was raising the anticipation of, how those thieves were immune to the disease that indeed had caused millions of death.
They were caught soon and brought into the court. Their loot was really a secondary issue to the magistrate, who was rather more curious about the speculation raised across their miraculous remedy. During the hearing, the magistrate put a deal in front of them to reduce their sentence. The deal was much obvious, to let them reveal the secret of their magical cure. Thieves did not even take a second to accept this life saving offer. Eventually, they revealed the surreptitious of this immune power. They disclosed that the reason they are still alive is, because of their insight on herbal properties and how they achieved the therapeutic power by putting the herbs to specific experiments. This herbal pulp, according to them was too powerful to eliminate the communicable bacteria. Over the centuries, the story became the common subject of countless debates. Some hushed that the thieve oil was originally made from the concoction of different varieties of vinegar, while others believed that the blend was prepared by mixing species, oils and herbs.
Later in 17th century, the subject was again brought into the light at Weber State University. The research was headed by the Famous Physician D. Gary Young, who revealed that the essential ingredients in the thieve oil are certainly having effective medicinal remedies, which can easily kill 99.96 % of airborne bacteria. The oil concession is powerful enough to fight against numerous viruses, bacteria and the infection caused by them. Not only this, the furthermore benefits of the oil is to boost the immune system, respiratory system and improved blood circulation. It can easily defend many diseases like flu, cold, pneumonia, bronchitis etc. After a couple of more years of research in the same university indicated that most of the harmful pathogens such as bacteria, fungi and virus can easily be killed in the presence of some essential oils, which contains high quantities chemicals like phenols, carcacrol, terpenes and thymol.

Today, many varieties of thieve oils are sold in the herbal stores across the globe. You can also buy thieve oil through some authentic websites online. Most common ingredients used in making the thieve oil are Clove oil, lemon essential oil, cinnamon leaf essential oil, rosemary oil, and eucalyptus essential oils.

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